The architect of the genocide in Darfur, Omar al-Bashir, is at it again – attacking the people of South Kordofan.

During my recent trip to Sudan, I heard stories about families being systematically slaughtered, churches being burned and entire villages cut off from supplies of food, water, and medicine. An Anglican priest from the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan told me that a million people are now at risk.

What Bashir did in Darfur is now underway in South Kordofan.

Watch this video of people I spoke with on my recent trip to Sudan. Then take action to stop the violence.



Take Action NOW

A leaked UN report describes the killing of growing numbers of innocent people. Aid groups are reporting that more than 200,000 innocent civilians have already been driven from their homes.

While Secretary of State Clinton has condemned the violence, she has not called for action to stop Bashir – an international fugitive wanted for crimes against humanity and genocide.

Tell Secretary Clinton to stop the flow of arms to Sudan, protect civilians and impose strong economic sanctions on Bashir and his cronies.

We know the Bashir regime is targeting civilians and bombing villages in South Kordofan. We cannot let this happen. Tell Secretary Clinton we need action – not words – to stop the killing.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


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