I know how heavy your heart is right now as we struggle with the news of the unspeakable horror that claimed so many young and tender lives on Friday. I held my young son Hooper’s hand a bit tighter yesterday morning as we walked to his elementary school where a flag waved at half-mast.

The tragedy in Newtown has deeply touched the hearts of the members of our United to End Genocide community. I know this because of who you are and who we are together.  I know because of how deeply you care about those who have suffered  and continue to suffer  at the hands of evil in places like Sudan, Burma and Syria.

Now we are all struggling with such evil descending on such young children and heroic teachers, so close to home. Words have no capacity to express the brokenness of our hearts in the midst of such horror and tragedy.

As we go through this difficult and painful time, as we watch yet another young child taken to his or her grave through our tear-filled eyes, I want you to know that you are part of a community of people who share that pain, grief and loss.

I am so deeply grateful to be a part of this community of decent and caring people.

You are not alone.

Mvemba Dizolele, John Prendergast, and Steve Hege testifying on the crisis in Eastern DRC.

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