United to End Genocide welcomes the introduction of the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2016. This bold new bipartisan effort, led by Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) with Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) and 13 other Senators calls for enhanced U.S. attention and tools to prevent genocide and mass atrocities.

At a time of unprecedented levels of refugees (over 60 million) and ongoing atrocities in places like Burma, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen, this is much-needed action.

The GAP Act will take the following important steps:

  • Authorize the Atrocities Prevention Board to ensure high-level attention across the U.S. government to places at risk of genocide and mass atrocities.
  • Authorize Complex Crises Fund to allow for flexible funding to act early to prevent conflict when warning signs are first seen.
  • Train Foreign Service officers at the State Department and USAID to better identify early warning signs of atrocities and to and utilize tools for preventing conflict.
  • Require reporting by the Director of National Intelligence on the countries at greatest risk of atrocities in their annual report to Congress.


The GAP Act builds on recent successes and a long history of bipartisan efforts to improve U.S. capabilities to prevent genocide. Every President since Ronald Reagan pushed to ratify the Genocide Convention has spoken about the importance of preventing genocide and mass atrocities.

The Atrocities Prevention Board set up in 2010 has been credited with allowing earlier high-level attention and better resources for dealing with the threats of violence in Burundi and Central African Republic. The Complex Crises Fund has allowed for programs building resilience in at risk places like Guinea and Jordan.

United to End Genocide is proud to join with 25 other organizations in supporting this bipartisan move. We look forward to seeing the number of individuals, organizations, and Senators supporting this action grow. It is certainly one bill that everyone can get behind.

Support the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act

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The violence today in Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Burma and elsewhere is a daily reminder of the consequences when we fail to prevent atrocities.

We lament the millions of deaths, point fingers at those who stood by and pour out billions of dollars in humanitarian aid. It is always too little, too late. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

The Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act is a bipartisan effort to enhance the ability of the U.S. to prevent genocide and mass atrocities. The Act will help identify early warning signs of genocide, fund early warning programs, and increase the odds that when people are at risk of mass atrocities our leaders will know and be ready to respond.

Send a message to your Senator: Support the Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act




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  • sab1053

    No where does anyone speak about the Russian genocide of 20- 60 million Christians during the Bolshevik Revolution as described by Alexander Solzinetsyn in his book ” “200 Years Together”. He stated that powerful Zionist Bolsheviks had the primary role in the genocide of these Christians. Yet, there is no Museum in Washington D.C. Why?

    • yalboiskinnyballs


      • kevin.orihuela

        that’s really sad and there should be somthing done about that

      • sab1053

        I bet those who were murdered are not saying Lol. Where’s their Holocaust Museum? Try to spin that one.

    • chicanx_panther

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      • sab1053

        The lol is on people like you. Where is the Holocaust Museum for those murdered during the Bolshevik Revolution orchestrated by the powerful Zionists. Only ill or misguided people would respond with lol.

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          • sab1053

            I have nothing against Israelis. It’s the government I have issues with. They government has made it legal to steal land from the indiginous people in Palestine. The Bible is not legal and binding deed. God does not have a real estate licence. The majority of Israelis are good people who want a homeland for Jews. So do the indiginous people. They should not be kicked off their and nor should they have their farms leveled to make way for illegal settlements. I ask every person and not just Israelis, what would you do if someone came to your house and said, get out, God gave it to me? Be honest.
            The Europeans began migrating to Palestine from the late 1800s thinking that the “Biblical Israel” can be reconstituted. I’m not sure if you remember the Stern Gang, The Irgun or Haganah. The were terrorist groups made up of European Jews that were misled into thinking that colonization was just and humane.These groups murdered hundreds of indigenous people and leveled dozens of Arab villages. They say they were freedom fighters. Freedom from what? When the Nazis murdered Jews and stole their property, some Jews fought back. Where they freedom fighters? I say yes. So when the Israeli government orders land theft or home demolition and the Palestinian people or even Hamas or Hezbolla fight back, they are considered terrorists.That’s blaming the victim. Even the European Jews declared statehood in 1948 over 400000 indiginous people were kicked out of their homes. I don’t blame you because you can’t blame the “sins of our fathers” on on you or the Israelis of today. But the occupation and excuses should stop . So again, I dont hate Israelis. I hate what the government does. And it’s terrible that some ignorant people have been brainwashed. I’m not saying you are one of them. You asked me a question and that was my long winded answer.
            Stay well

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