Civilians run from the flames after a bomb explodes in their village.

Civilians run from the flames after a bomb explodes in their village.

On May 26, 2014, the Sudan Air Force dropped eight bombs in two hours on the headquarters of a humanitarian organization in Kauda. Eight bombs were dropped in a mere two hours; this can only be called a premeditated and conscious attack on Sudanese civilians.

The deadly bombing of civilians at their schools, markets and workplaces, carried out by the Sudanese military and associated militia groups, has reached “unprecedented” severity, according to the Sudan Consortium.

United to End Genocide joined a coalition of 45 other organizations providing humanitarian assistance or supporting peace efforts in Sudan in sending a letter  to the UN Security Council, the African Union Peace and Security Council and the League of Arab States demanding an end to the “targeting of civilians by the Government of Sudan and associated armed militia” and an independent investigation of recent attacks.

“Civilians are being terrorized. They are too frightened to leave their foxholes and caves to plant their crops, which means the suffering will only worsen when they have nothing to harvest in a few months time” said Najwa Konda, Executive Director of Nuba Relief,  a rehabilitation and development organization.

900,000 people are displaced or “severely affected” by the conflict in rebel held areas of South Kordofan and Blue Nile, according to the U.N., The bombing is also preventing planting of crops at a crucial time causing the Famine Early Warning Systems Network to forecast that 40 percent of the population in rebel held areas of South Kordofan will face crisis and emergency levels of food insecurity.

In addition, levels of violence in Darfur are reaching their highest since the height of the genocide  in 2003-2004. Violence in Darfur in 2013 newly displaced some 400,000 people and nearly as many have already been newly displaced by violence in the first half of 2014.

“We fear that the international community is standing by while the Government of Sudan is unleashing a brutal campaign of terror on its own people, and once again using hunger as a weapon of war,” said Suliman Baldo of Sudan Democracy First Group.

The international community must not remain silent regarding the safety of civilians in Sudan.

United to End Genocide has joined the movement and called upon the U.N., the African Union and the League of Arab States to put an end to these unwarranted attacks by sending the letter below. It is our hope that this call to action will demand the immediate attention of government and organizational leaders around the world who can stop the atrocities in Sudan.


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