After we heard that Sudanese President and wanted war criminal Omar al-Bashir, was planning to travel to Chad for the Greenbelt Conference next Monday, we were outraged. As a member state of the International Criminal Court, Chad has a legal obligation to arrest Bashir, but this is not the first time Chad has failed to fulfill their obligation; if Bashir follows through with this trip, it will be the fourth time Bashir has been welcomed to Chad since a warrant for his arrest was issued by the International Criminal Court.

Welcoming President Bashir not only sends the wrong message to the Sudanese people – including the 280,000 Sudanese refugees living in Chad – but to perpetrators around the world. Providing President Bashir with safe haven only serves to embolden his regime that continues to bomb civilian areas and cut off humanitarian aid to those in dire need.

But we’re not sitting idly by. Yesterday, I was joined by leaders from Amnesty International, Enough Project, International Justice Project and Physicians for Human Rights taking this message directly to Chad’s Ambassador to the United States, Maitine Djoumbe. Though the meeting was respectful, it was clear that more pressure is needed if we are to make a difference.

That’s where you come in. Join us in Washington DC in demanding that the Government of Chad immediately rescind Bashir’s invitation or announce their intention to arrest him.

What: Creative Visual Protest: Public Video Display

When: Monday March 18

When: 7-9pm

Where: Embassy of Chad, 2401 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

Not in Washington DC? You can still tell your story and implore Chad officials to uphold international justice. Just tweet with the hashtag #BashirWatch. We’ll be mixing your tweets in live and projecting onto the Chad embassy.


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