Yesterday afternoon, United to End Genocide President, Tom Andrews, testified in the House of Representatives about his experience in Burma’s Kachin State where 75,000 people have been displaced by the Burmese army’s attacks.

Tom told the stories of the people he met while on the ground in Burma, including two women fleeing their village on election day and the family of 11-month-old Myu Jat Aung, who died in a displaced persons camp on April 2.

In his testimony, Tom advised:

As much as we want to hope that the recent progress toward democracy in Burma will mark a turning point, nothing positive will last until the Burmese military stops committing atrocities and a political agreement is reached with the ethnic national states.

Congress can help by renewing the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act and urging the Administration to take a measured approach on incentives. It is imperative that the United States government engage with the legitimate representatives of each ethnic nationality and support redress of their longstanding and unresolved concerns.

On Wednesday, United to End Genocide joined 8 other organizations in a letter to President Obama calling on the United States government to prioritize democracy and human rights in Burma by exercising caution when it comes to the relaxation of sanctions.

Tom Andrews meets with a recently displaced family in Burma's Kachin State.

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April 25, 2012
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