Human Rights Gold Medalist: Nuba Reports

Nuba Reports
Few have heard of the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. But the fighting there is well documented thanks to Nuba Reports. Because of their efforts, we cannot say that we did not know.

Bashir Embarrassment Avoided, Now What?

What can be be done to avoid future similar situations that call into question the commitments of the United States and UN to justice and accountability?

International Justice Day 2013

IJD 2013 Niemat
Despite the many challenges to the pursuit of justice, this International Justice Day event highlighted the efforts and optimism of the many advocates and policymakers involved in the global movement to fight against impunity.

From Art into Action

For the past year, Falmouth High School student Natalie Kuhn has been using the beauty of art to protest genocide.

Through Art, Peace is Possible

As artists tell the stories of victims affected by mass atrocities through the visual arts, they are creating space for reflection.