Two Weeks of Horror In Darfur

Nyala: A man is sheltered under his cart in Kalma camp for Internally Displaced Persons, South Darfur. March 9, 2014/UNAMID photo.
Since February 28, a new wave of bloody attacks has been unleashed against civilians in Darfur. The silence from the international community is deafening.

No More Safe Havens for War Criminals

The International Criminal Court has charged President Bashir with crimes against humanity, war crimes & genocide. Nine countries welcomed him last year.

Human Rights Gold Medalist: Nuba Reports

Nuba Reports
Few have heard of the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. But the fighting there is well documented thanks to Nuba Reports. Because of their efforts, we cannot say that we did not know.

Sudan Protests Test Bashir

Sudanese protestors holding signs that read “No to killing,” and “I only want the regime to go” (Al-Jazeera)
Demonstrations that began in Khartoum on Monday to protest a dramatic cut in fuel subsidies have spread throughout Sudan and intensified with the government’s bloody response.

Bashir Embarrassment Avoided, Now What?

What can be be done to avoid future similar situations that call into question the commitments of the United States and UN to justice and accountability?