After failing to pass the Arms Trade Treaty at the United Nations (UN) by the initial July 27 deadline, the fight to stem the deadly flow of arms around the world continues.

In the final hours of negotiations, consensus was procedurally blocked by the United States, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. We’d expect objections from countries like North Korea and Russia, but are severely disappointed that the United States joined the effort to prevent the treaty from being adopted. A lack of political courage is being blamed for the decision. However, there will be opportunities moving forward to push for an effective treaty to be adopted by the UN this fall.

According to a statement released by the Control Arms Coalition, “In spite of today’s lack of agreement, momentum is gathering for an international and legally-binding treaty to bring the arms trade under control. Governments now have a second chance to make the treaty a reality by taking the text forward to the [UN] General Assembly, in the fall.”

“The four-week long negotiations [during July] at the UN in New York ended with more than 90 countries joining a statement reiterating their commitment to see the process succeed as soon as possible,” Amnesty International said.

The Arms Trade Treaty offers the international community an important tool to prevent genocide and mass atrocities. The unrestricted flow of arms has enabled governments to commit widespread violence against civilians in places like Sudan and Syria. United to End Genocide will continue to support the passage of an Arms Trade Treaty as the debate continues at the UN this fall.


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  • http://SBC4 Mark Bradley

    While it is a laudable goal to stem the flow of small arms to despots, that is not achieved by dismantling the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of The United States of America. Disarming Americans at home is against the principles this Republic is founded on, and an attack on the freedoms here which are already in jeopardy from the malicious intentions of defacto tyrants in the global political and economic arenas. Leave the US Constitution out of the UN negotiations. The rest of the world has NO RIGHT to dictate the terms of our freedoms at home.

    • Debra

      Well said Mark, and I would have to agree with you 100%. It is the governments of these countries who are killing their own citizens, not citizens killing each other! ! !
      Leave the US out of this one!

  • Allyson Neville-Morgan

    Hi Mark and Debra,
    Thank you for your comments. The Arms Trade Treaty would not impact gun ownership in the United States. For more information, please check out the following from our colleagues at Amnesty International USA:

  • David Mukwekwezeke

    It is only logical that if a child is beating other children with a stick you take away the stick from them BUT we can’t chop off his arm if he decides to slap the other kids can we? Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. We might succeed in taking away weapons from bullies but that won’t stop them from being bullies. While I support this noble move and strongly encourage you to forge on I would also want to caution you on NOT focusing too much on it. Let us spend more of our energy on the core issue; the suppressors themselves.