Camp Darfur (c) Katy Raddatz, San Francisco Chronicle

Camp Darfur (c) Katy Raddatz, San Francisco Chronicle

April is Genocide Prevention Month and is a time when our activists, survivors and advocates come together to commemorate previous genocides and call for action to stop ongoing atrocities and prevent future conflicts.

We’ve partnered with Enough!, i-ACT, Jewish World Watch, STAND, and others in creating a Genocide Prevention Month Toolkit. The kit gives helpful tips on holding events, taking action and includes educational tools about current conflicts.

Download the kit

Since the Holocaust, genocides and systematic mass killings have been committed in places as diverse as Bosnia, Cambodia, Darfur, and Rwanda. Perpetrators continue to commit atrocities in places like Burma, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, and Syria.

It is important not only to confront the current events that affect our world today, but also to acknowledge and reflect upon what happened in the past. Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month seeks to remember and commemorate those lives lost and in doing so build a better, more peaceful future.

This April, you can sponsor or support advocacy and remembrance events all across the globe.

There are thousands of lives on the line right now – lives that are being extinguished because of bigotry, prejudice, hatred and cruelty.

Let’s remember and then act.


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