Here is the daily roundup and summary of the major headlines coming out of conflict areas. United to End Genocide does not necessarily support the views expressed in the articles in this post.

Sudan and South Sudan

Analysis: Oil ties will prevent Sudan war, despite posturing—Reuters

“A suspected Sudanese air strike on a refugee camp in South Sudan will not trigger a return to war but belligerent posturing on both sides will complicate and slow talks over oil transit fees and other sensitive disputes…”

Sudan accuses south of seizing Sudapet’s shares—Sudan Tribune

“The Sudanese government on Thursday blasted what it claimed was a decision by South Sudan president Salva Kiir to confiscate shares of its state oil firm Sudapet…”

South Sudan: UN mission presses for all child soldiers to be released—UN News Centre

“The United Nations peacekeeping operation in South Sudan today called on the country’s military to ensure that all child soldiers within its ranks are released after more than 50 teenage soldiers were let go earlier this week…”

Splinter group say self-determination is “best tool” for peace in Darfur—Sudan Tribune

“A splinter rebel group wrote to a workshop on the perspectives of peace in Darfur held this week in Washington that self determination remains the “best tool” to settle the eight year conflict in western Sudan…”

Sudanese police arrest four students from Merowe dam affected communities –Sudan Tribune

“Four student leaders from the Manasir were arrested today by Sudan Security Forces in El Damer, the Capital of Nile State in Northern Sudan. The students, all of whom are from (Wadi EL Niel University), were holding a peaceful protest to highlight the continuing hardship suffered by communities affected by the Merowe Dam…”

Air Strikes Continue in South Kordofan—

“The Sudanese Air Force (SAF) dropped two bombs in South Kordofan’s Warrene village in Talodi locality on Tuesday, witnesses told Radio Dabanga…”

Russian Air Group Suspends Operations in South Sudan –Miraya FM

“The Russian air group operating under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan has suspended their flight operations because of insecurity…”

Serial rape crimes in West Darfur—Radio Dabanga

“A series of rape crimes were committed in West Darfur’s Mornei region this week, witnesses told Radio Dabanga on Thursday…”

SPLM-N regrets statements by UN chief over Sudanese rebel alliance—Sudan Tribune

“The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North (SPLM-N) regretted the criticism addressed by the UN Secretary general to the establishment of a new rebel alliance calling to topple the Sudanese regime…”


Syrian websites hosted in Canada, US—Boston Globe

“More than two dozen websites belonging to the government of Syria are being hosted by servers in the United States, Canada and Germany, according to a report by Canadian researchers. The report released Thursday said the operations raise legal questions because they may violate Canadian and U.S. sanctions against Syria, which has used police and military forces for the past eight months to put down a popular uprising…”

Can Syria’s president survive?—CNN News

“Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad looks more isolated with each passing day as his regime continues a bloody eight-month crackdown on pro-democracy protests. His Arab neighbors signaled their displeasure with him this week by suspending Syria from the Arab League, a stinging blow for a nation that sees itself at the heart of Arab concerns. Jordan’s King Abdullah went a step further, telling the BBC he would step down if he were al-Assad, an unusually blunt assessment that followed Western calls for al-Assad to go…”

Syria wants amendments to Arab monitoring plan—Reuters

“Syria has asked for amendments to a plan to send Arab League observers to Syria to assess the situation there where troops are cracking down on anti-government protests, the League chief said on Friday…”

Weekly Standard: Is Our Technology Helping Syria?—NPR

“A bipartisan group of senators has formed to urge the Obama administration to determine whether American companies are helping the Syrian regime. Senators Mark Kirk (R-IL), Robert Casey (D-PA) and Christopher Coons (D-DE) earlier today sent the following letter to the secretary of state and secretary of commerce, asking the administration officials to look into the matter…”

France-Turkey rivalry over Syria—Today’s Zaman

“There is no doubt that the entire world is worried about what is going on in Syria. There is a growing concern, not only for humanitarian reasons, but also because of states’ differing concerns for their own national interests. In this context, analyzing two particular actors’ actions on Syria can be pretty instructive…”


Hillary Clinton to visit Burma to check on ‘flickers of progress’–Guardian

“Hillary Clinton will become the first US secretary of state in 50 years to visit Burma, it has been announced, as Washington ramped up its efforts to kindle “flickers of progress” in the isolated south-east Asian nation. The visit next month, announced by Barack Obama, appeared to be a reward for Burma’s reforms, which were marked hours earlier by the return to politics of the democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi…”

Suu Kyi party to register for Myanmar polls—Al Jazeera

“Myanmar’s main opposition party led by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has decided to rejoin politics and legally register to take part in future elections. Friday’s decision signals its confidence in recent political reforms by the government that took power after the country’s military rulers upheld their promise to hold elections in November 2010 and relinquish power…”


Protesters pray in Yemen, UN envoy pushes for peace–Reuters

“Tens of thousands of Yemeni worshippers gathered in Sanaa for Friday prayers, demanding Ali Abdullah Saleh be tried for alleged use of violence against demonstrators, as a U.N. envoy struggled to reach a deal to ease the president out of office…”


Libya’s ex-rebels demand role in government—AFP

“Former rebel fighters in Libya are raising the stakes by demanding a role in the interim government which is currently being formed, amid rising tensions over the naming of an army chief of staff…”

Libya open for business but obstacles ahead–Reuters

“When Omar’s boss called him from abroad to tell him he wanted to come back Tripoli to restart his manufacturing business, the Libyan employee joked to his foreign manager the visit would just be personal…”


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