Here is the daily roundup and summary of the major headlines coming out of conflict areas. United to End Genocide does not necessarily support the views expressed in the articles in this post.

Sudan and South Sudan

SOUTH SUDAN: Clement John Kandang, “We can’t bring more goods because of the mines”—IRIN

“Violence in Sudan’s breadbasket border states such as South Kordofan has blocked food to South Sudan since just before it gained independence in July. In the new nation’s northern states such as Unity, heavily mined roads have compounded the problem of closed trade routes. Clement John Kandang, 43, who sells sorghum, the state’s staple food, in the capital Bentiu, told IRIN that massive price hikes as shortages increased meant many people were going hungry…”

S. Sudan “surprised” by oil export halt, seeks pipeline–Reuters

“South Sudan’s oil minister said on Tuesday Sudan’s decision to halt the South’s oil exports over a transit fee row would hurt both countries’ oil interests, and that the South would keep seeking an alternative pipeline…”

Kenya-Sudan relations veering towards a breakdown after court decision on Bashir’s arrest –Sudan

“The Sudanese government on Monday night took the surprise step of asking the Kenyan ambassador in Khartoum to leave the country after a High Court judge in Nairobi ordered the government to arrest president Omer Hassan al-Bashir…”

17 Year-Old Girl Tells Court Of Her Torture At Hands Of Juba Police –Miraya FM

“Four policemen appeared before the High Court in Juba on Monday, accused of torturing a 17 year-old girl while she was in police custody. The suspects have denied the charges set against them…”

Darfur Envoy: Sudan Rebels Increasing ‘Rhetoric of War’—Voice of America

“The head of the joint United Nations/African Union mission in Darfur says the formation of a new rebel alliance is threatening prospects for peace in Sudan…”

Sudanese court sentences 7 rebels to death over attack in Darfur—Sudan Tribune

“A special court on Darfur crimes headed by Tayeb Al-Amin Bashir, judge of the Supreme Court, held in El Fasher on Tuesday sentenced to death by hanging seven JEM fighter for their participation in the attack in Khor Biscuit area…”

Conflicting reports on Sudan’s decision to stop south’s oil exports –Sudan Tribune

“The Sudanese government on Monday issued contradictory statements on whether it actually decided to stop South Sudan from exporting its oil through the pipelines that runs through the north into Port Sudan…”

Food shortage in South Darfur camps—Radio Dabanga

“A large number of refugees from Marshinq camp in South Darfur have begun migrating to the surrounding cities due to lack of food rations since two months, sources in the camp told Radio Dabanga. A resident of the camp told Radio Dabanga that lack of food rations from the World Food Program (WFP) has affected nearly 20,000 refugees from 11 camps around the area…”

UNAMID chief urges firm international backing for Darfur peace—UNAMID

“The Darfur region of Sudan currently faces an important moment of transition and the African Union along with the international community need to act decisively and collectively to consolidate the political and humanitarian gains made recently as well as encourage further progress, Joint Special Representative and Joint Chief Mediator ad interim, Ibrahim Gambari, the head of the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), said yesterday…”



Russia calls for end to ‘ultimatums’ against Syria—BBC News

“Russia has said Syria should not be issued with any more ultimatums, a day after the West called for more action against President Bashar al-Assad. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said further attempts should be made to engage Damascus in political dialogue…”

Syrian FM to attend emergency Islamic meeting—AFP

“Syria’s foreign minister will attend an emergency meeting of the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation aimed at finding ways to end the bloodshed in his country, an OIC official said Tuesday…”

Pressure Mounts on Syria, Government Raids Continue—Voice of America

“Syria is facing increased pressure from world powers to end its crackdown on dissent, but activists say violence in the country continues to escalate. An activist with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that Syrian forces have publicly executed 22 activists in a Damascus suburb, Rankus, and arrested about 600 people. The opposition group says the suburb had been under siege since Sunday, when forces backed by tanks pushed into the region…”


Democratic Republic of Congo

Killings and Intimidation Mar Elections in Congo—NY Times

“Ballot boxes on fire, rebel fighters gunning down poll workers and outbursts of mob violence marred Congo’s national elections on Monday, only the second time this vast and troubled country has held anything resembling a democratic vote…”

Congo’s Kamerhe calls for vote to be annulled—Reuters

“Congolese opposition candidate Vital Kamerhe called on Tuesday for the Central African state’s elections to be annulled, alleging systematic fraud…”

Partial DR Congo vote extension—BBC News

“Polling has been extended into a second day in parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo where voting did not take place on Monday. Election officials say the extension affects at least 400 of the vast country’s 63,000 polling stations…”



Libya leaders acknowledge abuse of prisoners–AFP

“Libya’s new leaders said Tuesday that some prisoners held by revolutionary forces have been abused, but insisted the mistreatment was not systematic and pledged to tackle the problem…”



Yemen’s Prime Minister Says New Cabinet to Be Formed in ‘Days’—Bloomberg Businessweek

“Yemen’s Mohamed Salem Basindwah, who was chosen to lead a national unity government after President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to relinquish power, said a new cabinet will be formed within “days.”

Yemen’s Next Crises: Giving Saleh the Push May Have Been the Easy Part –TIME Magazine

“A rare moment of jubilation erupted in Sana’a on Nov. 23 as Yemenis gathered around their television sets to watch their ruler, Ali Abdullah Saleh, sign a deal transferring power to his deputy, effectively ending his 33-year grip on power…”



US Outreach to Burma May Prompt Fuller Disclosure of North Korea Ties—Voice of America

“Sudan’s oil production averaged 470,000 barrels per day in 2008/09 below estimates of 500,000 bpd, and plans to build a new refinery in Port Sudan have been shelved indefinitely, the oil minister said on Sunday…”

Myanmar minorities suffer abuses despite reforms—Boston Globe

“Deep in jungles far from the international spotlight, Myanmar’s army continues to torture and kill civilians in campaigns to stamp out some of the world’s longest-running insurgencies. Human rights groups say these ongoing atrocities against ethnic minorities serve as a reminder on the eve of a visit by the U.S. secretary of state that the reforms recently unveiled by the country’s military-backed government to worldwide applause are not benefitting everyone…”

Undeserved validation for Burma—Washington Post

“Burma’s dictatorship, for decades one of the world’s most repressive, has recently scored major victories in its striving for international acceptance…What have the generals and former generals who run Burma done to earn such validation? Not created a peaceable democracy, that is for sure…”


Kenyan court issues arrest warrant for Bashir

November 28, 2011

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November 30, 2011