Here is the daily roundup and summary of the major headlines coming out of Sudan. United to End Genocide does not necessarily support the views expressed in the articles in this post.

Security Council stresses need to end impunity after latest attack on peacekeepers—UN News Centre

The UN Security Council called for an end to the impunity that has allowed blatant ambushes of UN-AU Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) peacekeepers convoys.  The statement came in reaction to the death of a peacekeeper from Sierra Leone who was killed in an ambush on Sunday. The UN Security Council demanded that those responsible for the attacks be brought to justice.

Sudan’s DUP leader leaves door open for joining NCP-led government—Sudan Tribune

Mohamed Osman al-Mirghani, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), has announced that DUP is still considering the possibility of joining the National Congress Party-led government, and has formed a committee that will take into consideration the desires of the party membership.  In remarks later, however, al-Mirghani accused those who wanted DUP to join the government of dividing the party.

Amnesty International joins calls for the release of Sudan Tribune journalist—Sudan Tribune

Amnesty International has joined with Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, Human Rights Watch, and the Committee to Protect Journalists in demanding the immediate and unconditional release of two journalists, Ngor Garang and Dengdit Ayok, who had been detained by the South Sudanese security authorities.  Dengdit Ayok had published a story that criticized South Sudanese President Salva Kiir for marrying his daughter to an Ethiopian man before his detention.

Sudan reportedly thwarts rebels’ attack in South Kordofan—Sudan Tribune

According to a report by Sudanese security forces, government forces repelled a Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) attack aimed at disrupting the visit of South Kordofan’s governor Ahmed Haroun to Talodi.  The SPLM-N allegedly fired four shells 1 km away from the town of Talodi.

Unity state governor concerned by humanitarian response in Mayom county—Sudan Tribune

Governor of South Sudan’s Unity state, Taban Deng Gai flew to the town of Mayom, which was recently the scene of a battle between government forces and the rebel South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA). Gai criticized the slow delivery of aid to the affected areas and urged non-governmental organizations to work quickly to help affected civilians.

Governor warns rebel groups not to attack W. Equatoria—Sudan Tribune

Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro, governor of South Sudan’s West Equatoria state, warned rebels not to use the state as a base for rebellions against the government.  Last week Bakosoro ordered the arrest of Peter Abdurrahman Sule, head of the rebel United Democratic Front, after reportedly making repeated overtures to Sule in order to prevent him from starting a rebellion. Western Equatoria has already suffered from unrest caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and inter-communal cattle raiding.

South Sudan minister reveals “ambitious” road construction plan—Sudan Tribune

South Sudan’s Minister of Roads and Bridges, Gier Chuang Aluong has announced a ten-year $3-4 billion infrastructure plan that would construct roads throughout South Sudan. The roads would help to connect rural communities to the amenities offered in towns, including healthcare and markets.

Opposition fears loss of social fabric—Radio Dabanga

In a joint statement released Monday the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), National Umma Party (NUP), Popular Congress Party (PCP), and Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) expressed concern that the war in Blue Nile was destroying the social fabric of the state and accused the government of attacking citizens based on their race and ethnicity.

Six killed in North Darfur attack—Radio Dabanga

In the Hashaba area of North Darfur, six people were killed and five were injured by gunmen in Land Rovers and on camels and horses on Sunday, the day of Eid. The armed men apparently attacked with the intentions of stealing livestock and other property. Locals have accused the gunmen of being connected to the Sudanese government.

Three teenagers raped in West Darfur—Radio Dabanga

Three teenage refugees were raped by armed men outside of the Garsila camp in West Darfur on Friday of last week. Camp leaders identified the men as notorious criminals already well-known in the area for their crimes.

Abu Tira accused of forcing labor—Radio Dabanga

The central reserve police, or Abu Tira, have been accused by four refugee women of using forced labor as a means of abusing displaced persons.  The Abu Tira also refused to allow refugees to enter the refugee camp after the 6 o’clock PM curfew, stranding many outside of the camp.

Sudanese bishops lament continued violence –

Two Catholic bishops, one from Sudan and one from South Sudan, denounced the continued aerial bombardments of civilians in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan and in Blue Nile.  The bishops emphasized the need for a humanitarian aid corridor and urged the African Union to take action to create peace.

Birth Pains of a Nation: South Sudan’s Problematic Boom

Many South Sudanese, as well as international non-governmental organizations, fear that the South Sudan does not yet have the capabilities to successfully manage growth, rebuild the infrastructure, handle security threats, stamp out corruption, and develop the rural regions of the country.  They fear that urban areas of the country will receive more resources and development, disenfranchising rural areas.


UN Says Death Toll in Syria Violence at Least 3,500

November 8, 2011

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November 9, 2011