Here is the daily roundup and summary of the major headlines coming out of Sudan. United to End Genocide does not necessarily support the views expressed in the articles in this post.

Sudan attacks southern army base kill 18—AFP

Sudanese mercenary ground troops reportedly crossed the border and attacked a military base in Upper Nile state, South Sudan today.  Eighteen combatants were killed in ensuing battle and another 73 were killed.  This attack followed two bombing raids by SAF on refugee camps in South Sudan.  South Sudanese President Salva Kiir warned that Sudanese government is trying to bring the two nations back to war.

South Sudan Says Khartoum-Backed Rebels Are Planning to Strike Oil Fields—Bloomberg

Following the attack by Sudanese mercenaries on a South Sudanese military base that killed 18 people, South Sudan’s government expressed concern that Sudan may launch an attack to retake South Sudan’s oil fields in Upper Nile state.

Sudan bombing of South amounted to a war crime—Telegraph

A spokesman for the UN Commissioner for Human Rights said that Sudan’s bombing of a refugee camp in South Sudan that killed twelve people on Thursday may constitute a crime under international law.

South Sudan is not supporting any armed rebellion against Khartoum—Government of South Sudan

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir publicly denied accusations that South Sudan was supporting the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) rebels who are fighting a rebellion in neighboring Sudan. Kiir warned that Sudan was making these accusations against South Sudan in order to justify the recent attacks on South Sudanese territory on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.

Kiir accuses Bashir of invasion—Radio Dabanga

South Sudanese President Salva Kiir accused Sudanese President Omer El-Bashir of having intentions to invade South Sudan. Fighters backed by Sudan launched a cross-border attack on a South Sudanese military base that killed 18 combatants.

Sudan Air Bases Built Up Near South Sudan Border, Group Says—Huffington Post

The Satellite Sentinel Project reported that analysis of satellite images from Sudan show that military bases along the border with South Sudan are building up air resources, raising concerns that South Sudan and Sudan may be headed back to war.  Sudan bombed two refugee camps on Tuesday and Thursday, and launched a ground attack against a South Sudanese military base on Friday.

US condemns SAF’s aerial bombardment inside South Sudan—Sudan Tribune

The US State Department strongly condemned the aerial bombing attacks by the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) on refugee camps in South Sudanese territory.  The US warned that such attacks may provoke a war between the two countries.

S. Sudan President speaks on detention of journalists—Sudan Tribune

Salva Kirr, President of South Sudan, stated that the arrests of two journalists, Dengdit Ayok and Ngor Arol Garang, were justified.  Dengdit Ayok had published a story critical of President Kiir’s daughter marrying an Ethiopian man.  President Kiir said the arrests of the two journalists were lawful because freedom of speech does not allow journalists to launch personal attacks on political figures and that Ayok’s story constituted defamation.

S. Sudan’s Kiir rules out return to war with north –Sudan Tribune

President Salva Kiir of South Sudan ruled out the possibility that South Sudan would consider war in reaction to Sudan’s bombing and ground attacks on South Sudanese territory.  Kiir said that South Sudan will work with the UN Security Council to counter any further aggression from Sudan.  Sudan recently filed a second complaint UN Security Council against South Sudan saying they were supporting rebels in Sudan’s South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.  South Sudan says these complaints were filed to justify Sudan’s later attacks on South Sudan.

Food shortage in Darfur camps—Radio Dabanga

Internally displaced persons camps in Darfur are facing a food shortage.  In Zalingei camp in West Darfur, the camp coordinator stated the World Food Programme should return to an earlier policy of distributing food to refugees through traders, a policy discontinued after refugees complained that the traders were gouging prices.  In the Kalma camp in South Darfur, refugees said there has been a two-month delay in World Food Programme (WFP) rations to the camp.

USAID pledges support for S Sudan Agriculture Sector

USAID has vowed to help South Sudan develop its agricultural sector. USAID has identified four deficiencies in South Sudan’s agricultural industry that must be improved, including poor infrastructure, lack of access to markets, low-quality seeds, and shortage of labor.

Ethiopia Invites Country and Sudan to Discuss Impact of Millennium Dam—Egypt State Information Service

Ethiopia has invited representatives from Egypt and Sudan to come to Addis Ababa to discuss the possible implications of the Millennium Dam that is being built on the Nile in Ethiopia.  The talks will review how the dam will affect water flow and Egypt and Sudan’s rights on the river.

Congressional Sudan Caucus Statement Regarding Bombings

The House Sudan Caucus released a statement condemning Sudan’s bombings of refugee camps in South Sudan, and said the attacks on the civilians of South Kordofan and Blue Nile after they have already fled to safety in South Sudan is deplorable.  The Congressmen expressed concern that the fighting could provoke a war between South Sudan and Sudan.


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