Here is the daily roundup and summary of the major headlines coming out of Sudan. SDC/GI-NET does not necessarily support the views expressed in the articles in this post

Sudan appoints new governor in Blue Nile—Sudan Tribune
Sudan appointed Lt. Gen Al-Hadi Bushra to replace the elected governor Malik Agar of Blue Nile state who was fired after the Government of Sudan began clashing with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North in the beginning of the month.

Human rights in Sudan and South Sudan remain precarious, UN expert warns—UN News Centre
Muhammad Osman Chande expressed concern about the human rights violations in North and South Sudan that are committed with impunity. He demanded both countries work to reestablish the rule of law and protect human rights.

‘Allow access to aid organizations’— Radio Dabanga
UN expert on Sudan, Muhammad Osman Chande, demanded Sudan allow access to aid organizations, end the violent attacks on civilians, and prosecute perpetrators in Darfur. He said the Sudanese government and SPLM needs to resolve the conflict in Abyei.

Sudanese army report fresh clashes with Darfur rebels near Libyan border—Sudan Tribune
The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) attacked a convoy of Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebels on the border of Libya, Chad, and Sudan. Talks between the Sudanese government and JEM have been stalled. JEM denounced statements by VP Taha where he declared intentions to “purifiy” the Blue Nile state of rebels.

South Sudan: WES’s Mvolo and Lake’s state Yirol West reconciliation–Sudan Tribune
400 members of communities in Yirol West county in Lakes state and in Mvolo county, Western Equatoria state met to resolve the violent conflict between the two communities.  They agreed to allow the free movement of peoples across the region and are putting restrictions on the amount of cattle that can moved or traded to discourage cattle raids.

Abu Tira personnel targeting women—Radio Dabanga
Personnel from the Central Reserve Forces (Abu Tira) have been kidnapping women and girls from the refugee camps in Sirba and Al Jabal, Arkum, Sengir Fud and Agri refugee camps. A man was killed on Saturday when he tried to prevent his daughter from being taken.

US Calls for Renewal of Mandate for Independent Expert in Sudan—US Mission to Geneva
The US mission wants a renewal of the expired mandate for the Independent Expert in Sudan to look into the increasingly dire situations in S. Kordofan and the Blue Nile in Sudan and in Unity state, Upper Nile, and Jonglei areas of S. Sudan.

UN mission to South Sudan welcomes action on policemen who assaulted staff member—UN News Centre
Benedict Sannoh, head of UN Mission in South Sudan’s (UNMISS) human rights section, was brutally beaten by Southern Sudanese police. The Government of South Sudan  punished 6 officers for their involvement.

Technical team to survey land for new Capital City—Miraya FM
The Council of Ministers decided to relocate the capital from Juba to Ramciel.  The technical team is surveying the land for the new capital.

Sudan’s ruling party slams opposition for resisting participation in government—Sudan Tribune
The National Congress Party expressed frustration with the opposition parties for not participating in the government, as they had hoped a power-sharing model would bolster their legitimacy. Many of the opposition parties had boycotted the last election, which NCP won in a land slide, on the basis that the NCP had an “unfair advantage.”


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