Here is the daily roundup and summary of the major headlines coming out of Sudan. SDC/GI-NET does not necessarily support the views expressed in the articles in this post

Police tear gas Khartoum food demo: witnesses—AFP

Four hundred protestors took to the streets of Khartoum to protest the rising food prices and general economic decline in Sudan.  The protestors burned tires and chanted slogans calling for an overthrow of the government (Sudan Tribune).  The police dispersed the crowds with batons and tear gas, but the protests continued in some places until 10:00pm.

3,000 citizens from Lakes State stuck in Khartoum—Miraya FM

Around 3,000 South Sudanese Lakes State remain stranded in Khartoum. Many of them would like to return to the Lakes State but have no means of getting there. They blame the government for failing to find a solution.

UN agencies seek $18 million to assist Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia—UN News Centre

UN agencies and aid groups are asking for more than $18 million to help the tens of thousands of refugees who have fled into Ethiopia from the violence in the Blue Nile. It is expected that the number of refugees from Blue Nile will rise as bombing raids by the Sudanese government continue. Aerial bombardment continues with a strike reported as late as yesterday.

Armed group opens fire—Radio Dabanga

A group of five gunmen opened fire in the Hamidiya refugee camp on Sunday. The shootout continued into Monday causing refugees to flee the camp. The camp coordinator blamed the attack on the Liberation and Justice Movement and government-forces, saying the shootingstargeted refugees who were against the Doha peace talks.

‘Half of Blue Nile state displaced’—Radio Dabanga

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) claimed that some 510,000 people, about half the population of the state, have fled the Blue Nile to escape the fighting between government forces and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North. However, according to UN figures initially over 155,000 civilians were displaced but many who fled from the capital of Ed-Damazin have returned to their homes.

Displacement due to disturbance in North Darfur—Radio Dabanga

Thousands of people have been displaced from the Thamur region of North Darfur after tribal clashes resulted in the deaths of six people. Local leaders say that those who have fled require aid and are facing food and water shortages.

SPLM’s Luka Biong calls for justice for victims of Khartoum’s actions—Sudan Tribune

Luka Biong Deng of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) called on the international community to support and strengthen the International Criminal Court so it can bring perpetrators of crimes against humanity in the Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains, and Abyei to justice.

Iran and Sudan stand together against western pressures – Ahmadinejad—Sudan Tribune

In a visit to Sudan, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pledged to strengthen ties between the two countries, and stand with Sudan against the “pressure from the colonialists”.

Sudan risks burgeoning civil wars if no urgent actions taken: report—Sudan Tribune

The International Crisis Group (ICG) released a report titled Stopping the Spread of Sudan’s New Civil War that states Sudan is moving towards another civil war, this time in Blue Nile, South Kordofan, and Abyei. ICG credited the possibility of civil war to deficiencies in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005. The CPA failed to resolve the issues of Blue Nile, Abyei, and South Kordofan and did not create democratic transition in Sudan, which could be a catalyst for a civil war. ICG said the international community must engage with Sudan to resolve these issues.

Sudan vows at UN to settle remaining disputes with South Sudan—UN News Centre

Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed pledged to continue to work on an agreement with South Sudan over border demarcation and oil revenue.  He also declared that the Sudan was making solving the conflict in Darfur a main priority and would continue to work to make the Doha peace talks successful.


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