The U.S. State Department just released its Human Rights Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2012 including those for Sudan and South Sudan. The reports found that Government of Sudan has continued to commit mass atrocities and human rights abuses and elements of the Government of South Sudan have engaged in human rights violations or failed to bring perpetrators to justice.

United to End Genocide joined with Act for Sudan, American Jewish World Service, Enough, and Humanity United in joint statements on the two country reports noting the need for immediate action based on the findings.

On Sudan, the statement strongly condemned the grave human rights abuses perpetrated by the government of Sudan and urged the United States and international community to take immediate action to pressure Sudan to stop its mass atrocities and other grave abuses.

The statement on South Sudan expressed concern for several documented human rights abuses in the world’s newest country and urged the Government of South Sudan to use the report as an opportunity to address these abuses.

The full statements can be read below.

Sudan Human Rights Statement 22 April 2013

South Sudan Human Rights Statement 22 April 2013

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