For over a decade, the human rights community has been fighting to keep weapons out of the hands of dictators and warlords. More than 153 nations are on the threshold of passing the global Arms Trade Treaty — taking a major step toward stopping the weapons that fuel genocide and mass atrocities. Now the National Rifle Association has announced its opposition to the treaty and has launched a lobbying campaign to kill it.

Take the First Step: Stand with us as we stand up to the National Rifle Association! Last summer, NRA lobbyists helped bring the ATT negotiations to a halt. Don’t let them do it again.

Join us in sending the NRA a special Valentine message as we launch our campaign to support this life saving treaty: Have a Heart — Don’t Kill the Arms Trade Treaty!



“We need to speak with them, not for them”

February 1, 2013
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Obama speaks to Kenyans as elections loom

February 7, 2013