Less than a month ago, GI-NET/SDC highlighted the need for the United States to ensure that Libyan civilians remain protected from harm. News from yesterday (9/13) confirms that threats to civilian safety still exist in Libya. The new findings from Amnesty International illustrate the depth of crimes committed against civilians during the Libyan conflict.

In “the Battle for Libya: Killings, disappearances, and torture,” Amnesty details further examples of the abuses allegedly committed by Qaddafi’s forces that prompted the strong response the by the international community. The report also alleges that National Transitional Council (NTC) forces tortured and killed Qaddafi supporters and suspected foreign mercenaries during reprisal attacks.

As the entity in control of most of Libya, it is the NTC’s responsibility to protect the civilian population from reprisal attacks. Furthermore, despite Qaddafi’s expulsion from Tripoli, civilians remain at risk of attack by pro-Qaddafi forces. These dual risks will require the international community to remain engaged in Libya for the near future.


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