Our very own Nietmat Ahmadi, Director of Global Partnerships and Director of BashirWatch, was recently featured on Omekongo Dibinga’s show, “Real Talk,” which examines issues that concern younger generations.

Besides explaining how the conflict in Darfur erupted in 2003, Ahmadi elaborates on the international community’s apathetic response to help the millions of innocent people affected by the ongoing genocide. She states, “It is the role of the international community to protect the people because genocide is an international crisis, and it requires an international effort to be stopped, to be ended. But, the United States has done little in terms of ending the genocide in Darfur.”

Unlike political leaders, the youth remain the foundation of the Darfur movement and are responsible for its success. In order to elicit change, young activists are organizing rallies at the White House, traveling around the United States to share their personal stories and arranging meetings to pressure elected officials to address the ongoing human rights abuses  in Sudan. The youth undoubtedly serve as resilient role models to the global community and demonstrate that political power means nothing without initiative to take action.

Ahmadi adds words of wisdom and inspiration, saying, “Be determined. You may face a lot of obstacles and challenges, but you have to learn and prepare yourself how to turn those challenges into opportunities.”



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