Last week, we asked our activists to call attention to Russian shipping magnate Vladimir Lisin’s prominent role in the Olympic Games. Lisin’s vessels were alleged to be shipping equipment for military helicopters to Syria, enabling mass atrocities by Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

We called off the action on the opening day of the Olympics after hearing directly from Lisin’s representatives with detailed information regarding the shipments. Thanks to all of you who took action. Vladimir Lisin took notice of your actions, and his representatives felt compelled to respond! We are continuing to dialogue with them and hope to share more information on this issue with our supporters soon.

We hope that you will join us as we continue our work to stem the flow of arms into Syria. Our effort includes targeting enablers like Russia’s state-owned weapons company, Rosoboronexport, which is responsible for selling billions of dollars in arms to the Syrian regime.


Congress Condemns Russia’s Support of Syria

July 31, 2012

Fight to Stem Deadly International Arms Trade Continues

August 2, 2012
  • Dan Korn

    So what exactly was this “detailed information regarding the shipments?” What was the response? Were the allegations in the Telegraph article not true? What was the resolution to all of this?

  • Lisa Hilyer

    Yes, as Dan asked, what’s the story? This is completely inadequate information!!

  • John

    obviously they paid off someone… you can safely assume that “supplied detailed information regarding the shipments” really means “supplied a briefcase full of unmarked bills and asked us to stop asking questions”

  • lynne christensen

    I agree, your response is too open-ended for us to all be as excited as you wished. Can you provide more factual details? thanks

  • Bama Athreya

    While Lisin was allowed to attend the games and we did not stop him, hearing from Lisin was critical for our work. He (and shippers across the globe) are on notice that human rights advocates are watching not only the sales of weapons but how they are crossing the globe.

    We believe the information on which this action was initially based, from our friends at Human Rights First, is credible and accurate (see We are glad that Mr. Lisin’s representatives felt compelled to respond to our action. We can’t stop past shipments but we can prevent companies doing business with Syria from enabling any future mass atrocities. This is our goal, and we will keep our supporters posted on further dialogue with United Cargo Logistics Holdings.