bashir-header-for-blogGood news! Omar al-Bashir is NOT going to Chad today as he had previously announced. Late yesterday, we learned that the Chadian government has postponed the meeting with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

Your voices were heard—Bashir should not be welcomed anywhere, anytime. With just a few short days until his anticipated trip, we jumped into action with your support and let the Embassy know that we mean business:

  • Sent the Chadian Ambassador and Sec. of State Kerry over 6,000 emails protesting Bashir’s planned visit;
  • Organized and led a delegation of five national organizations in a meeting with the Chadian Ambassador to express our concerns with Bashir’s planned visit;
  • Worked with Congress to send letters from the House of Representatives to the Government of Chad and the U.S. State Department objecting to the visit;
  • Made clear our intent to protest at the Embassy with giant images and video projected on the Embassy wall.

We will be keeping the pressure on Chad not only to postpone Bashir’s visit but to join the growing number of countries who have pledged to arrest him should he step foot on their soil.

The fact that Bashir has consistently been able to travel with impunity is an affront to international justice and sets a dangerous precedent for future would-be perpetrators of mass atrocities. Together, our actions have let Bashir and the international community that we will do whatever it takes to stand for justice.

We will keep you posted as soon as we learn that Bashir has plans to be on the move again! Together we will swing into action to make sure that he cannot continue to hide in plain sight.


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March 15, 2013

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