Administration Should Not Be Declaring “Mission Accomplished” for Yazidis in Iraq

A report from a small team of U.S. Marines and Special Forces that the siege against tens of thousands of Yazidis on Mt Sinjar in northern Iraq is effectively over has been contradicted by published reports quoting UN officials and Yazidi leaders claiming that tens of thousands of Yazidis remain trapped and in desperate condition.

Today former Congressman Tom Andrews, President of United to End Genocide issued the following statement:

“The Obama administration should not be declaring ’Mission Accomplished‘ in Mt. Sinjar while there are reports that as many as 80,000 Yazidis remain trapped and under siege there.

United to End Genocide continues to strongly support President Obama’s decision to defend the Yazidis who are threatened with extermination because of the God they pray to.

But the President should not be declaring an end to the operation to protect them from the threat of genocide if tens of thousands remain at risk. At the very least, the facts on the ground regarding this persecuted minority must be clearly established before a decision about the need for further action is made.

Thousands of innocent people should not face extermination because of their religious beliefs. Nor should they perish because of a mistake.”