Congress Must Reject Bill Shunning Syrian Refugees

Bill Would Abandon those Facing Mass Atrocities and Genocide

United to End Genocide, a Washington DC based human rights group, today urged Members of Congress to vote against H.R. 4038. The bill expected to be voted on Thursday, threatens to close U.S. borders entirely to Syrian refugees.

“In the wake of the recent attacks in Paris, we should be uniting as a nation around principles and values that reflect the best of who we are as Americans. Instead, politicians in Washington have launched a campaign to close the door on innocent men, women, and children who are running from mass atrocities and even genocide,” said former Congressman Tom Andrews, President of United to End Genocide.

“We’ve seen this before. In a 1938 Gallup poll 70% of Americans indicated Jewish refugees should be kept out of the United States. A year later, the United States experienced one of its darkest days, when a ship carrying 917 Jewish refugees seeking help was turned back to Germany. Many of them perished in Nazi concentration camps. We cannot afford to let this dark history repeat itself.

Refugees are the most thoroughly vetted group of people who come to the U.S. and we have an opportunity to help those fleeing attacks that have destroyed their country.

We urge political leaders of conscience to reject the politics of fear and support a robust U.S. refugee resettlement program to help address the worst refugee crisis since World War II. We cannot allow the United States to shut our doors on those who need us most.”