End Genocide Applauds Administration’s Determination of ISIS Attacks as Genocide

Action Needed to Help the Victims of ISIS Genocide
United States Must Accept More Refugees

United to End Genocide, a U.S. based human rights advocacy group, applauded today Secretary of State John Kerry’s finding that the attacks by ISIS in Iraq and Syria constitute genocide. Secretary Kerry’s determination is only the second time in the history of the United States that the country has declared a genocide while a conflict was unfolding. The organization’s supporters sent thousands of letters to Secretary Kerry in support of the finding.

Former U.S. Congressman Tom Andrews, President of United to End Genocide commented today,

“Declaring these attacks for what they are – genocide – is an important step. The truth matters.

But what is being done about it is more important. Calling these attacks genocide means we should be doing more to protect these innocent men, women and children who are being targeted because of the god they pray to and those responsible must be held fully accountable. At the very least, we can be taking action now to accept more of these refugees who are literally running for their lives.

It is a bitter irony that while the House of Representatives just voted to declare ISIS’s attacks a genocide they are also bringing to the House floor a measure to shut our borders to these same refugees who are fleeing a genocide.

This year, the U.S. has accepted less than 1,000 Syrian refugees. Meanwhile our neighbor to the North, Canada met its emergency goal, accepting 25,000 refugees in the last four months. The Administration must do more to resettle refugees – and Congress should stop blocking attempts to help the people who have survived these horrendous attacks.

The United States and international community must also commit the humanitarian aid that is desperately needed and accelerate diplomatic efforts to move from a ceasefire to an end to the fighting that has made Syria a living hell.

The United States should urge the United Nations Security Council to ensure full investigation and accountability of these crimes by referring the case of ISIS to the International Criminal Court.”


    It is about time kerry or any one of the White House staff to call this what it is. There are countries over there that are allowing refugees to live there until they can resettle back into their own countries. We should provide provisions and care, right where they are.
    Funny obama is allowing this word genocide to be used now, why do you suppose that is? Since I have no respect for the present administration there always is something else cooking. Of course, bring more refugees into America. NO! We cannot allow this, we have already seen what the terrorists are in the process of doing. Lying and entering with honorable Christians and Muslims, covering as refugee when in all actuality they are seeds of isis. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, they are after America and there will be no end to the pulling of heart strings. We must take a stand, no matter what Canada does, or any other country. Check out the chaos Sweden has gone through because they let their heart take over. They were brutalized, raped, women and children, boys and girls. They know no boundaries. They raped and killed an old woman in her 80’s. You hopefully will think about this, because if you don’t, we will be the ones fleeing our country, and labeled a refugee.. You tell me who is going to help us?