End Genocide to Merge Assets with Leading Human Rights Advocacy Organizations

United to End Genocide announced today that it will transfer a majority of the organization’s assets – including its grassroots advocacy campaign capacity – to two key partners, the Enough Project and Fortify Rights. The decision was made as former U.S. Congressman and United to End Genocide president Tom Andrews prepares to assume his new role as President and CEO of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee beginning July 1.

“I am so proud of what we have accomplished because of the tens of thousands of grassroots advocates who have spoken out again and again on behalf of millions of men, women and children who suffer the threat of mass atrocities or genocide,” said Tom Andrews, president of United to End Genocide. “After much careful consideration, our Board of Directors has decided to merge United to End Genocide’s grassroots campaign resources with two valued partners, the Enough Project and Fortify Rights. This move will bring valuable efficiency to the anti-genocide movement, and will turn successful collaborations into permanent partnerships.”

United to End Genocide and Fortify Rights have worked together closely to shine a light on the Burma military’s continued brutality against the Rohingya and other besieged ethnic minorities in Burma. Most recently, the organizations produced a joint report on the dire conditions facing the Rohingya based on interviews conducted with eyewitnesses and survivors of human rights violations as well as U.N. officials. United to End Genocide advocates sent thousands of messages to Congress and President Obama urging the Obama administration to maintain sanctions authority on Burma in the face of U.S. business pressures to resume a normal trading relationship. President Obama lifted some sanctions against certain banks and companies but maintained the “blacklist” preventing human rights abusers from doing business with the United States.

“Fortify Rights does incredible work on the ground in Burma to investigate human rights violations, and they also provide tools to human rights defenders on the front lines of these violations, so that they can document abuse and advocate for change,” said Andrews. “Now, with the ability to communicate directly to thousands of grassroots advocates, Fortify Rights can quickly translate information from the ground and get it to advocates and policy makers. This will be critical as the business community continues to press for removal of all sanctions on Burma.”

The Enough Project and United to End Genocide have enjoyed many years of close collaboration. Most recently the organizations collaborated to draw attention to escalating violence in Darfur and worsening humanitarian conditions in South Kordofan and Blue Nile. Bolstered by Enough’s field research, analysis and the strategic policy recommendations in their new report, thousands of United to End Genocide advocates called on President Obama to take specific actions that can choke the flow of war profits that Omar al-Bashir and his cronies enjoy – and force Sudan to the table to negotiate for peace.

“Supported by research on the ground and their new initiative The Sentry, Enough Project’s innovative approach builds leverage for peace and justice in Africa by helping to create real consequences for Omar al-Bashir and other perpetrators and facilitators of genocide and mass atrocities,” said Andrews. “Now, Enough will be able to bolster their advocacy by calling on thousands of dedicated activists who have tirelessly spoken out for peace in Sudan and South Sudan even when the rest of the world is silent.”

United to End Genocide will officially close its doors on June 30, 2016.