Human rights activist tells Stetson audience about escaping death in Sudan

While helping another woman move to a neighboring house in Darfur, human rights activist Niemat Ahmadi was attacked by a masked man.

He wrapped a scarf around her neck. She struggled and screamed for help as nearby military stood by and watched.

Standing in front of a group of Stetson University students, teachers and community leaders, Ahmadi described Monday night what she calls the first of two assassination attempts against her life before fleeing Darfur, a region of Sudan that has dealt with unrest since war started in 2003. » Read more

US lawmaker accuses Sudan of new ‘ethnic cleansing’

United to End Genocide President and CEO, Tom H. Andrews, joined Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) in calling on the Obama Administration to take immediate action to address the ongoing violence and escalating humanitarian crisis in Sudan. » Read more

UN Security Council Must Take Strong and Immediate Action in Light of Failed Arab League Mission

The Arab League has failed to have a positive impact on the escalation of violence. Instead, the monitoring mission enabled the Assad regime to buy itself more time at the expense of hundreds of civilian casualties. The United States and international community have an urgent responsibility to encourage robust action from all Arab League member states. » Read more


(Washington, DC) – Faith-based and activist leaders delivered 45,000 postcards to the State Department today, calling on Secretary Clinton to take strong action to stop attacks on innocent civilians in Sudan and hold its President Omar al-Bashir fully accountable. The action came on the heels of news reports that Sudan’s armed forces attacked and are occupying the South Sudanese the town of Jaw, an area providing refuge to victims of previous attacks in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states. » Read more