Stop Deportation of Sudanese Asylum Seekers from Jordan

Washington – United to End Genocide, a human rights advocacy group, formerly the Save Darfur Coalition, has called on the Obama administration to intervene in the forced deportation of Sudanese asylum seekers from Jordan.

In a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, former Congressman and United to End Genocide President Tom Andrews called the action by the Jordanian government an outrage that is tantamount to a death sentence:

“The government of Jordan is carrying out what will amount to a death sentence for thousands of desperate refugees from Darfur, Sudan.”

“Most of these refugees escaped from government driven violence in Darfur Sudan and are registered with the United Nations as refugees and asylum seekers. They have fled one of the most brutal regimes in the world headed by an international criminal who is wanted for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes by the International Criminal Court for the atrocities that he directed in Darfur.

More than 3,500 asylum seekers are now all in danger of being forced back into the hands of a brutal regime that is run by a mass murderer. The Obama administration is in an excellent position to save their lives as it wields considerable influence on the Jordanian government, a longstanding US ally in the region.

It is imperative that Secretary Kerry intervenes on behalf of these desperate refugees before it is too late. It is also imperative that the international community stops delaying the delivery of promised resources to care for these and other desperate refugees who are literally running for their lives."