Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Nick Kristof recently visited the same camp of Sudanese refugees in South Sudan that Shannon Orcutt and I visited just two weeks ago.

Kristof also found his way into the Nuba Mountains of Sudan to record the stories of the civilians who have not been able to flee Bashir’s bombs. The accounts he recorded were similar to those that we heard from the refugees in Yida camp.

Be sure to check out his powerful video about how the ongoing violence and blockade of humanitarian aid is affecting innocent civilians. As Kristof wrote in his last column:

This is a mass atrocity that has attracted little attention: a government starving its people, massacring them, raping them, and bombing them — all in hopes of crushing a rebel movement.

Keep an eye out for Kristof’s next piece to be featured in print edition of the New York Times on Sunday, February 26.

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