Senators Chris Coons (D-DE) and Susan Collins (R-ME) are circulating a letter to President Obama urging the Administration to develop the necessary tools to successfully avert mass atrocities and prevent the conditions that can lead to violence against civilians.

Urge Your Senators to Sign-on

The letter will be open for additional signatures until November 17, 2011 and all members of the Senate are welcome to join. Urge your Senators to add their signature to this letter today. You can contact Senators by phone or send an email by clicking on the webform link. Your Senators should contact the office of either Senator Coons or Collins to sign-on.

Sample Script: As a constituent who cares about ending mass atrocities and genocide, I urge the Senator to sign-on to the Coons/Collins letter on genocide prevention. The letter urges President Obama to develop the necessary tools to successfully avert mass atrocities. Please contact the office of either Senator Coons or Collins to sign-on. Thank you.

About the Letter

The letter reiterates the principles of Senate Concurrent Resolution 71, which passed unanimously in December 2010. S.Con.Res. 71 urged the administration to conduct an interagency review to evaluate existing capacities for preventing, and responding to genocide and other mass atrocities.

The letter welcomes the recently-released Presidential Study Directive (PSD) 10, which created an Atrocities Prevention Board (APB), and underscored that preventing genocide and mass atrocities is in America’s national interest. Finally, it urges the Administration to establish coordinating mechanisms between Congress and the APB, and consider a whole of government approach to atrocities prevention.

Remember, the deadline for Senators to sign-on to this letter is Thursday, November 17.


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  • lucia betancourt

    well.. im only a teenager in puerto rico but im really interested in helping in any way i can. i wanna make a change i wanna do something important.i would think that i can really do nothing but i can and i will . i am determined to make a stop to this not just me but with this coorporation we can !! i wanna see if i can get in touch with the governer he too will make pressure to president obbama. we can make it happen !!

    • Lindsey Woolf

      Hi Lucia — as a student you can get involved by joining STAND, the student-led division of United to End Genocide. For more info please visit or e-mail us at [email protected]!