The Assad regime’s crackdown on anti-government demonstrators in Syria continues apace.  This morning, government security forces reportedly fired upon protestors in the eastern city of Deir ez-Zour, killing an estimated 17 people since Wednesday.   These attacks add to the more than 2,200 deaths since mid-March.

As the death toll continues to grow, the United States and its European allies have circulated a draft UN Security Council resolution.  The current version of the resolution is noticeably stronger than the one circulated earlier this year.

It demands that the Syrian government immediately cease human rights violations and the use of force against civilian areas.  The resolution also imposes an arms embargo on Syria, as well as asset freezes and travel bans on designated members of the Syrian government.

These measures, if passed, would augment the broader economic pressures that the international community is preparing to deploy against the Syrian government, including a potential European embargo of Syrian oil.  These measures would add to the steps already taken by the United States and European Union to impose asset freezes and travel bans on senior Syrian government officials.

Two Ways You Can Take Action Today to Pressure the Syrian Regime

  • Urge the European Union to Adopt Oil Sanctions: Avaaz has a petition that calls on the European Union to sanction Syrian oil.  Germany, France, and Italy are the three largest importers of Syrian oil.  Sanctions will show the Syrian government that western governments will not tolerate abuses perpetrated against civilians. Sign the Avaaz EU Sanctions petition here.
  • Urge the United Nations Security Council to Pass a Strong Resolution: Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS) has a petition that calls on UN Security Council members to introduce and pass a resolution denouncing the Syrian regime and Bashar al-Assad’s criminal actions. The petition also calls for a referral to the International Criminal Court. Sign the CGS UN Security Council petition here.

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