Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, who is already wanted for genocide in Darfur, continues his violent campaign against civilians. More than half a million people have been driven from their homes this year because of Bashir’s attacks on Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile. Bashir’s crimes have resulted in death, destruction and displacement throughout Sudan.

On Monday, United to End Genocide President, Tom Andrews, will meet with the United States Special Envoy to Sudan, Ambassador Princeton Lyman, at the State Department in Washington.

We want to hand Ambassador Lyman 50,000 postcards — including yours — to showcase the massive public outcry for protecting innocent civilians from Bashir. With almost 40,000 signers demanding justice, we are almost there! Please take a moment to join them and help us reach our goal — sign the postcard and spread the word. Don’t miss this opportunity. Take action today.


Headlines from Conflict Areas: Dec 01

December 1, 2011

UN Says Syria Death Toll at Least 4,000

  • Leslie Johnson

    Stop the violence now!!!

  • Barbara

    Genocide needs to stop NOW!

  • Lester Hill

    We have waited long enough to stop President Bashir from committing additional crimes against humanity!

  • Anne Ryan

    Please act for life.

  • amber spencer

    What will it take? Will it take the bloodshed of every last innocent man woman and child in Darfur? Then will we no longer turn a blind eye? Then will we try to help them, try to do what is right. Soon it will be too late, and those people who put their faith in the international community and in america (which does not deserve to capitalized right now in my opinion) will have died in vain, died for no reason, and died because all we did was stand by, watch, talk about how terrible it is what is going on in Darfur and pretend like we could no nothing, nothing. I fear that by the time someone in some important place decides to not only care, but to act, it may be to late. There will not be a single drop of blood left to shed not even any blood left to be saved, everything and everyone will be gone. We said never again, yet again has come and soon may go, all while the world stood bye and took a blind eye to something we could very well stop. The truth is we may be just as guilty as the hands that shed the blood, because we choose as a world to continue to let the murders continue murdering.