Mere words are inadequate to describe the immensity and horror of genocide or mass atrocities — both past and present. This weekend the image of one million bones on the National Mall will give Americans a better sense of the scale of the these tragedies and the urgency for action.

One Million Bones is a remarkable social arts project that is raising awareness of ongoing genocides and mass atrocities in places such as Burma, South Sudan, Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This Saturday morning, citizens will lay one million handmade bones on the National Mall, kicking off three days of awareness raising and advocacy that will include lectures, vigils and performances.

We are proud to support this creative action led by Naomi Natale, a former fellow with United to End Genocide. We will be on the Mall on Sunday starting at noon until 4 PM standing in soldarity. We hope to see you then!

The installation will conclude with a delivery of bones to Members of Congress. Activists will be demanding support for the Sudan Peace, Security, and Accountability Act. Add your voice by asking your Member of Congress to co-sponsor this critical bill that calls for a just and lasting peace to Darfur and all of Sudan.

We hope that you can make it out this weekend to join us and One Million Bones for this unique and moving exhibit to victims and survivors of genocide and mass atrocities. These bones remind us that our work is critical and we must do all we can to bring these tragedies to an end.

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