Yesterday, in one of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s last interviews as Secretary of State Greta Van Susteren of Fox News asked Secretary Clinton about the International Criminal Court arrest warrant for Sudanese President Bashir.

In the clip below, Van Sustern raises Bashir’s visit to Egypt a few months ago as a mark of suspicion for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and others who would allow Bashir to visit without arrest. Clinton answers that the United States recognizes the problem and has “reached out” to other countries that have welcomed Bashir, concluding that Bashir “does need to be accountable for what happened on his watch as President”.

Clinton notes that hosting Bashir is not an “uncommon story across the African continent.” But the problem of international justice for Bashir isn’t just an African problem. It’s global. Clinton’s comments are a stark reminder that the United States isn’t doing enough to add pressure on pursue Bashir and that more needs to be done to bring him to trial at the ICC.


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    always talking talking talking..never do do do something…boy how they love to hear themselves long enough you can divert everyone’s attention to what the original question was and never really get it answered