The Arms Trade Treaty PassesHistory was made today. In a landmark vote, the UN voted YES for a global Arms Trade Treaty that will help keep arms out of the hands of war criminals!

I am proud to say that United to End Genocide members helped to make this a reality. Our voices were heard along with those of hundreds of thousands of other human rights supporters. Thank you.

By a vote of 153 to 3, the United Nations General Assembly established a new global standard that puts countries on notice that it is no longer acceptable to supply weapons to known criminals with no sense of accountability for the evil deeds they are likely to be used for.

The United States played a critical role in shaping the Treaty and in supporting its passage at the United Nations. That was in no small part due to the Americans who stood up to support the treaty — including United to End Genocide members. With President Obama’s commitment to the prevention of genocide and mass atrocities, we look forward to continued U.S. leadership to put the treaty to work.

Thank you for being part of a movement that is making history. Together, we ARE United to End Genocide!

The United Nations logo is displayed on a door at U.N. headquarters in New York

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  • Jeanne Serrano

    Ahhh …. Why did the list of delegations start with the letter “L” (?) and of those delegations’ votes showing, I only counted “10” abstaining and only one RED (against) delegation from Syria. WHAT GIVES? The biggest hypocrite on the board, was of course, my own nation. Also note the picture showing is a perfect illustration of CHEMTRAIL formations in the sky. I suspect a concerted effort on the part of all those responsible for CHOOSING one particular photo over another (as the sky to the right of the group of people shown in this photo was perfectly clear) to subconsciously program “the human eye” particularly “the UNOBSERVANT young” that what formations they are seeing – are natural (and not man-made).

    • Erik Leaver

      Jeanne- check out the full list of votes here: