Annie Kucklick & Robin Aubry – Not only are they incredibly smart and talented, they also have a great sense of humor!

We adore our interns and we think it’s about time you, our supporters, met them!

World, meet 3 out of our 4 (we miss you already, Lauren!) fabulous interns: Emma Graham (Development Intern), Robin Aubry (Policy Intern) and Annie Kucklick (Conflict Risk Network Intern).

What drew you to United to End Genocide?

Emma Graham (AG): My junior year in college, I wrote my thesis on the Rwandan genocide and as my interest in human rights developed, United to End Genocide (UEG) was a natural fit.

Robin Aubry (RA): Being active in anti-genocide campaigns through my college career, I have always known about UEG. After graduating, I wanted to expand my knowledge about policy action toward international human rights crises.

Annie Kucklick (AK): I wanted to intern at UEG to gain professional exposure to international conflict prevention and nonprofit management before returning to graduate school.

Be honest, what were you expecting your internship to be like?

EG: Truthfully, I expected to be running errands and doing some work with the Development department. Not only was I immediately treated like a staff member, but I can proudly say I have not run a single errand during my time at UEG.

RA: I imagined that I would be writing a report here and there, gathering information, attending a few meetings… But I had no idea that it would all happen so fast, and so regularly. On my first day, I was asked to attend a Senate hearing on Rwanda’s alleged involvement in hostilities in the DRC. (How’s that for a first day on the job?)

AK: I think I expected a primarily supportive role, but I was instead given immediate responsibility for tasks that were essential to the functioning of the Conflict Risk Network team.

Score! What did you actually do?

EG: I worked on anything and everything related to our incredible donors, including donor outreach and development campaign outreach. Can you ask for a better job?

RA: I researched issues affecting our conflict areas and worked with the Policy Department and Communications team to develop relevant and effective policy and outreach actions. I also developed my own personal long term research project, which was understanding the build up to the UN Security Council supporting a military intervention in Mali.

AK: I wrote up reports on issues such as human rights, investment in conflict areas, and any relevant policy changes that affect CRN’s focus.

What advice would you give future UEG interns?

EG: Read every book you see lying around the office. I was lucky to work with Liz (Development Associate), who has endless copies of awesome books on human rights, genocide, and various conflict areas.

RA: Try and study up as early as possible – the more you understand about the issues you’ll be researching beforehand, the more you’ll get out of conversations with your coworkers and experts you’ll meet.
Oh, and if you don’t have a football team you root for, get one. It’s a hot topic in the office. (Disclaimer: You don’t have to be a football fan, some of us don’t care about who won the Monday Night Football game)

AK: Take every opportunity for research, advocacy, event attendance, and networking that UEG provides for you, it will be so worth it. Secondly, take advantage of the food trucks in Farragut Square. Best food around, hands down.

These are going to be some seriously big shoes to fill. We wish Robin, Emma, Lauren, and Annie the best of luck in their future. World, keep an eye out for these three!

Interested in joining our team? We’re hiring interns for the Spring 2013 semester! Applications are due Tuesday, December 11.


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