Here’s how we greeted President Obama and Southeast Asian leaders as they started off the U.S.-ASEAN Summit on Monday morning:


Thanks to our many supporters who helped us place this ad, President Obama, ASEAN heads of state, their staff and the media got a message that could not be ignored: the systematic persecution and the march to genocide against the Rohingya must stop.

Because of you, we are doing what we do best, putting the spotlight on the plight of innocent people at risk of genocide and making public officials pay attention.

Over the last several weeks, over 5,000 of our supporters like you signed our petition to President Obama demanding that the systematic persecution of the Rohingya and the march to genocide in Burma be addressed at the Summit.

Our allies in Congress also weighed in: Thirty-five signed a letter to President Obama calling for human rights to be a key part of the Summit agenda including the plight of the Rohingya. And while we couldn’t get inside the Summit, we did the next best thing – putting an ad in the newspaper that the leaders, their staff and the media that followed them to California couldn’t miss.

Our pressure has had an impact: At the last minute, Burma’s President Thein Sein canceled his visit “because he has other business to attend to.”

Thank you again. With hate speech on the rise and with the government of Burma in transition the risk of genocide against the Rohingya is significant.

Now, more than ever, they need our voices. Thanks to you, they have them – loud and clear!


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