End Genocide Network

Building a Movement to End Genocide

We believe the only way to prevent mass atrocities and to end genocide once and for all, is to build a large and powerful activist movement that will sound the alarm, shine a spotlight on those who cause or enable genocide or mass atrocities, and demand action by our elected leaders and anyone who has the power to protect those who face the threat of genocide or mass atrocity, anywhere in the world.

One of the key roles we play is the connector – we bring together our End Genocide leaders, faith leaders at the community level, leaders from our survivors network and students – to ensure the movement whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The End Genocide Network is our program to connect and support hundreds of community leaders across the United States by providing tools, training and action opportunities to help them become effective anti-genocide organizers and activists in their communities.

Many committed activists came to this movement because of the atrocities in Darfur, and more than 150 community leaders who worked closely with our legacy organizations, either as Darfur Leaders or Carl Wilkens Fellows – are now united as our End Genocide leaders, ready and able to mobilize hundreds of supporters within their communities to take action. We continue to provide the depth of information, ongoing leadership and engagement opportunities they need to fuel their activism.

We are also reaching out and identifying new leaders in communities across the nation. For all of our activists and leaders, United to End Genocide provides an online forum and in-person opportunities to share stories and experiences, strategize, build capacity and create effective advocacy. We provide encouragement and tools to help leaders plan events, build support in their communities, write persuasive opinion pieces, and lobby elected officials.

Uniting in Faith and Commitment to Human Rights

We work with more than 150 faith, human rights and community-based social justice partner organizations throughout the United States and globally. Faith communities and their leaders have always played a pivotal role in raising alarm and spurring action to address the Darfur genocide.

We share our campaigns and work with faith leaders to reach the millions of Americans in synagogues, churches and mosques, helping these congregations of conscience stand up against the threat of genocide and mass atrocities, anywhere in the world.

End Genocide Survivors

No one can so powerfully inspire and compel action to stop and prevent genocide as those who have faced atrocity. End Genocide Survivors is United to End Genocide’s growing network of genocide and mass atrocity survivors working together to help make sure that what they, their families and communities have suffered does not happen again, anywhere.

Every survivor of atrocity – from the Holocaust, Sudan, Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Bosnia, Rwanda or elsewhere – has a powerful story and inspiring voice. Working together their experiences, deeply powerful motivation and on-the-ground connections create an unparalleled advocacy force. United to End Genocide is building and strengthening this network, connect survivors with one another and with student and community activists nationwide to create powerful grassroots campaigns to stop and end genocide and mass atrocity.

United we stand in solidarity with those who are affected by genocide and mass atrocities and continue to strive for justice. We invite you to join us in this journey of inspiration and to listen to their stories of resilience and their voices of wisdom.

“I was too young to recall the number of times I had to flee for my life because my village was burnt down. Half of my immediate family members were killed by the Burmese military. I believe I survived to tell the world that genocide has happened in Burma and the world must pay attention to the ethnic minorities who are still suffering.

By working with organizations like United to End Genocide, we can speed the process up and help bring freedom, peace and justice. Together, we can create a generation without genocide not just in Burma but everywhere.”

– Myra Dahgaypaw is a human rights activist from Karen State, Eastern Burma and was a Fellow with United to End Genocide. Read Myra’s story »

“I have been really fortunate to work with you all, because just seeing the work you do has given me a lot of life and motivation. I see so many young people involved in a movement… I didn’t even know that there were this many people that really cared.”

– Omekongo Dibinga is an educator, actor, poet and motivational speaker. He is the son of Congolese parents who fled their homeland because of their role in its fight for liberation.

“On January 27, 1945, my dream came true. For ten months, I had envisioned the day when my twin sister Miriam and I would walk through the gates of Auschwitz as free people. It was a dream born on our first night in that horrible place. We were taken to a barrack with other twin girls to be used in medical experiments at the direction of Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele. […]

I ask you to join with me by taking one single action to help the children who are suffering in this world — whether in Sudan, Congo, Burma, or in our own communities. Together, we can create peace.”

– Eva Kor is an Auschwitz survivor, peace advocate, and Founding Director of CANDLES Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana. Read Eva’s story »