Your Donation at Work

Why donate to United to End Genocide?

north sudan - idpBecause we’re hard at work addressing the growing humanitarian crisis in Sudan where hundreds of thousands of people remain at risk. But we’re also expanding our reach — with strong campaigns to address crimes against humanity and hold brutal regimes and dictators responsible for their terror — in Syria, Burma, the Congo and anywhere the threat of genocide exists.

Your support helps ensure that we have the resources to end violence and stop fueling conflict by:

  • Sound the Alarm whenever and wherever signs of genocide and mass atrocities exist we get the message out to journalists, editorial boards, publishers, tv producers and social media influencers. We inform government leaders, members of congress and thought leaders.
  • Connect and Mobilize Voices to build a powerful, sustainable and global network of genocide survivors, students, community activists, faith leaders, artists and human rights champions committed to preventing mass atrocities and ending genocide.
  • Demand Action by our elected leaders and anyone who has the power to protect those who face the threat of genocide or mass atrocity, anywhere in the world.

To stop the killing in Darfur, Syria, Sudan — and anywhere the threat of genocide exists — we leverage our large and powerful activist network to sound the alarm and demand action from those in power to protect all who face these threats.

Simply put, United to End Genocide is doing what no other organization is doing and we are making a difference.

“I’m a big fan of United to End Genocide. I’m not aware of any other organization that provides the kind of information to Congress that this one does. It is absolutely worth supporting.” — Rep. Jim McGovern

Our Plans for 2014

Check out what we aim to accomplish:

  • Return to Burma to document the systematic abuses of the Burmese military and the dire conditions facing Rohingya ethnic minorities. We’ll use our fact-finding mission to push leaders in Washington and around the world to stop abuses carried out by the military
    dominated regime in Burma;
  • Demand access for humanitarian aid in Syria. Including lifting the red-tape aid workers face, creating dedicated routes for humanitarian access and preparing alternative ways to deliver humanitarian aid;
  • Work with a bi-partisan coalition of over 90 lawmakers to pass the Sudan Peace, Security and Accountability Act. We must prioritize peace for Darfur and all of Sudan, urgently address the humanitarian crisis and hold those responsible for human rights crimes accountable;
  • Monitor the highest priority at-risk countries for warning signs of genocide and be ready to build rapid response campaigns.

If you believe in a future free of genocide, the time to act is now.

Residents of Meiktila, Burma walk past burning buildings. (Photo: Soe Than Win, Getty Images)

Residents of Meiktila, Burma walk past burning buildings. (Photo: Soe Than Win, Getty Images)

In Darfur, more than 300,000 people have been displaced by ongoing violence this year.The war in Syria has caused one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time with more than 150,000 Syrians killed in the fighting and 5,000 flee the country every day.And in Burma, the military has sat by — or even worse, participated in the fighting — resulting in hundreds killed and over 240,000 innocent civilians have been displaced.

Take a stand to protect those under attack in Sudan, Burma, Syria and anywhere the threat of genocide exists.

Donate now

Federal employees, military personnel and retirees can contribute through the Combined Federal Campaign. United to End Genocide is listed in the Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America section and is designee #20370.

If you believe in a future free of genocide, designate United to End Genocide, #20370, for the Combined Federal Campaign.