Last week, Syria witnessed the bloodiest massacre so far in the Assad forces’ brutal crackdown on the Syrian opposition with more than 400 civilians killed in the town of Daraya.

The Syrian Revolution began on March 15, 2011 as a peaceful multi-ethnic, multi-religious movement calling for a free and democratic nation, and the overthrow of the oppressive Assad regime.

In response to the calls of freedom by the Syrian people, the Assad regime attempted to brutally suppress the revolution and punish the civilians through systematic murder, rape, detainment, torture and destruction. It is estimated that more than 20,000 have been killed in less than 18 months. The defections of military professionals led to the formation of the Free Syrian Army, which has grown into a network of organized brigades protecting the Syrian civilian population from the onslaught of the Assad forces.

While the media reporting on Syria has increasingly focused on the violent conflict of Syria’s “civil war” — a term that hardly begins to describe a conflict characterized by massacres of civilians and vastly outmatched rebels — the peaceful mass demonstrations have not ceased. The Syrian people, Christian, Alawite, Muslim, Druze and Kurd, continue to come together to call for basic liberties in the most honest of ways: peaceful demonstration.

This Sunday, September 2, we ask you to join them for a march and rally in Washington, D.C. Together with United to End Genocide and Amnesty International, Syrian-Americans will march from the Washington Convention Center and gather at Lafayette Square to call for an end to the violence in Syria.

Join us. Make your voice be heard.

Christy Delafield is the Program Director of the Syrian Expatriates Organization.


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  • margaret beresford

    I wonder if you and the associations formed to end genocide would have to decency to deal with the actual facts and makeup of the Free Syrian Army as depicted by the 30 year experienced journalist Robert Fisk. Spouting the right words and aims isn’t enough anymore—-must demonstrate the facts and true character of this so called Free Syrian Army. Granted Assad is just as bad but I and many others know NATO is behind the systematic destruction of Iraq, Libya, soon Syria and Iran. The people of these Middle Eastern countries deserve to be able to choose to keep their sovereignty without being forced on their knees to the US or dictators. Funny none of your groups protesting human misery care to expose the inhuman treatment that become standard treatment in Haiti—-one billion dollars —corporations get control of the rest of the banks and now the gold under Haitian feet and the NGO’s get to do as little as possible for fat salaries and benefits while the people have only a future of misery and disease. Time to fess up and realize the substandard propaganda won’t work anymore.

    • Pete Klosterman

      Thanks for standing against the massacres in Syria; I wish I could join you in Washington, DC. Robert Fisk’s shameful decision to repeat the Assad regime’s lies does not change what’s really going on there.

  • Carl Loeber

    Margret .. I have been to Syria .. you don’t know what your talking about ..

  • maura veneri

    if we can’t get along, then there is no hope for us as a nation and world. what a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. GOD HELP US.

  • Christy Delafield

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! This rally is focused on the need for international voices calling for a stop to the violence in Syria, and does not advocate any particular policy. All who are concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Syria are welcome to join and show their support for the Syrian people.

    As an aside, the Free Syrian Army is led by a core group of defectors from the Assad regime’s forces. They returned to Syria to assist others in defecting and to protect the civilians in the pro-democracy movement during peaceful protests. The commanders have recently released a Proclamation of Principles committing to ethical action and respect for the rule of law. You can read more here:

  • http://n/a PATRICIA SATLAN


  • Masoud Rabani

    Asad and his father running Syria with brutal dictatorship for so many years. But, who are the geniune oppositions that want an independent and democratic society without interference of US,NATO, SAUDI Arabia, Turkey, Iran, and Israel. I am not sure which part of these oppositions are not in pocket of big and small countries that have their own agenda for SYRIA. Some of them want to create another puppet state like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.
    Please show me and confused people like me the independent and really democratic (not NED type people) forces in the opposition to support them.

  • http://--- ayeni kayode

    Oh God of heaven and Earth,Arise and show the peace of Syria your love.
    Show it your love in Jesus name, show it your love in Jesus name.
    Oh God arise, show the peace of Syria your love.

  • http://--- ayeni kayode

    Oh god of successful rally, show the coming DC rally your love too.
    Show it your love, Oh Lord.
    In Jesus name i made my request.
    Thanks you Father because i know it is done.

  • Nina Rashidova

    Change is needed, once everything should progress for better and juster. If the government can not provide justice ans equality – as we are equal in the eyes of our Lord why the governors don’t understand this simple fact? Who gives them the power to oppress and kill and reprise? Don’t they believe that one day they will have to respond to the Creator? Id they have no God in their hearts, what are they doing there in their governors’ armchairs? They are red-handed and just must go.

  • http://gmail hatim

    you guys I do apperciate your efforts exerted for stopping genocide, in Sudan , Syria ,Borma,Minimar ,& allover the world. because those contries which have Revolutions now the rables are seeking thier rights, peace ,justic democracy ,and all the life basic needs. regardless thier ethnic and religious they have a right for better life ,
    So I would like to attract your attention that we must work harder to generalise the issue and to rise up the flact of justic & eqalization among the world.

  • http:/ gus gomez

    Stop the Assadand his death squats from killing innocent citizens and people in Syria.

  • Ken Lemberg

    Protest rallies such as this are critical in calling attention to attrocities in other countries, where innocents are killed as we speak. U.S. citizens and institutions have the potential to play an important positive role.

  • Micayla Burrows

    edit: march 15, 2011?

  • yoloswag

    coool #yolo