I am writing as big news comes from Addis Ababa Ethiopia – news that you made possible!

You spoke up and President Obama spoke out against the ongoing war in South Sudan. Last night in Ethiopia, President Obama called for immediate action to end the violence in South Sudan before it was too late.


And, he took the unprecedented step of convening an emergency two-hour meeting of the region’s leaders to address the crisis and how to resolve it. They have committed to pressing the warring factions in South Sudan to commit to peace by August 17, or face sanctions.

“As a consequence of this discussion, our hope is that we can actually bring about the kind of peace that the people of South Sudan so desperately need”, the President told the African leaders.

There is a lot of work to be done, but this is an extremely important step forward. It would not have happened if it weren’t for committed activists like you!

We appreciate your continued support; we are following the situation closely and will let you know when our collective voice is needed again.

But, for now, you need to know how much your support and activism means to all of us. Thank you! This could not have happened without you and your active support.


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