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Lourena Gboeah, Tika Acharya, Sen. Dick Durbin, Mariela Shaker, Suzanne Akharas Sahloul and Sen. Al Franken hold our #RefugeesWelcome sign with names of support on it.

#RefugeesWelcome: Their stories. Our thanks.

Something very powerful happened last night. We hosted a dinner for leaders of the refugee community. More than 6,000 End Genocide advocates were there too. ...

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A Day to Commemorate and Dedicate to Ending Genocide

The UN Genocide Commemoration day provides a moment to dedicate ourselves to taking action......

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Justice in Darfur Delayed but Far from Forgotten

ICC Chief Prosecutor Bensouda expressed deep frustrations but also gave a refreshing reminder that the pursuit of justice in Darfur continues....

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Two Years of Conflict But There’s A Road Map for Peace in South Sudan

As we mark the beginning of the third year of conflict in South Sudan, the risk of famine and further atrocities remains grave. But...

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Arms Embargo Needed for South Sudan

Removing the weapons fueling the war in South Sudan is long overdue and, unfortunately, needed more than ever....

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United to End Genocide is dedicated to preventing and ending genocide and mass atrocities worldwide by building a powerful, lasting movement of community activists, faith leaders, students, artists, investors and genocide survivors, and all those who believe we must fulfill the promise the world made following the Holocaust: “Never Again!”

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